This can be described as follows;

Your gums are bleeding and you have the impression that something is wrong with the roots. It is not just an impression, it is the typical sign of a disease called PARODONTITE. This destroys the tissue which supports the tooth.

Bleeding gums cause concern and should be treated immediately.

If the bleeding is accompanied by an unpleasant smelling breath, you should contact your dentist urgently.

Be aware that these symptoms can be concealed or masked by the use of tobacco/nicotine. In fact, nicotine restricts the vascular system and reduces the blood flow in the gums. Therefore the bleeding may be reduced or missing altogether hence masking the severity of this disease. Another good reason for not smoking!

Over a period of time with the lack of treatment, this problem will cause receding gums and loss of teeth.

For the first part of the treatment, we disinfect the mouth with the aim of restoring the correct balance between the different strains of bacteria. This can be done in few appointments. It is a long-winded treatment and for it to be successful, it is imperative and essential that the patient is actively involved.

The consequences of ignoring gum disease.

In acute infection, the quantity of pathogenic germs at the site of infection is considerable.

The acute inflammation, which accompanies follows these infections, has easy access to the gum tissue and this affects the whole body causing fevers, chills, fatigue or worse. This is especially bad news for diabetics, pregnant women may give birth to premature babies, the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, causing increasing severity in those with rheumatoid poly-arthritis and causing chronic obstructions for those suffering pneumonia and pathological pulmonary disease. It also has a negative influence for those with osteoporosis, for patients being overweight and those suffering Alzheimer’s disease. It is evident that as soon as the treatment begins, the patients start to feel better and fitter.

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