Regardless of the problems you suffer – dental decay, missing teeth, badly fitting dentures, bleeding of the gums, loose teeth – these conditions do not necessarily have symptoms. The reason for these problems is infections.

In order to treat diseases of the mouth and to avoid re-appearance, we disinfect your mouth. This is the basis for the treatment of mouth disease. It is unavoidable, simple and effective and also inexpensive. To put it simply, there is a great variety of bacteria in the mouth. They live in perfect harmony are essential for the good health of the digestive tract. (Oh yes, the mouth is the entrance to the digestive tract, as well as having other uses of course, and the diseases are often found in one or the other).

Therefore, ideally all the different germs live happily together and the mouth is perfectly healthy. There is no dental decay present and the gums are not attacked by gum disease “parodontite”.

However, this equilibrium is often precarious and the system breaks down for various reasons including stress, parodontites, illness or hormone changes (which may explain dental decay in adolescents), allergy to toothbrushes, taking certain medicines, a change in diet and so on.

Roughly speaking, if there is an imbalance in favour of the anaerobic bacteria (which develops without air) it will cause gum problems. If the imbalance is in favour of aerobic bacteria it will cause dental decay. True to say, if the imbalance ranges from one to the other – one will suffer from both conditions!

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